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Modul Metal System Ltd. is the first company in Bulgaria, which applies an innovative approach in the design and construction of buildings from shipping containers. These containers have been invented and designed in a way they can cope with extremely heavy weather conditions during their journey on ships and they can continue to be persistent afterwards, which make them suitable in the building construction. The technology allows us to build different by kind and functionality buildings up to 9 floors – office buildings, bazaars, manufacturing facilities, retail and warehouse facilities, restaurants, shops, hotels, luxury villas, motels, social and retirement homes, kinder gardens and more. The fast construction of these buildings is a rational solution of the problem with the accommodation of the people whose houses have suffered natural disasters. Among the many advantages are: their ergonomics, durability, fire safety, energy efficiency and small amount for maintenance. The apartments from containers can be 1 or 2-bedroom, they can be easily reorganized; finished in a luxury way; can have an easy access for disabled people. A 9-storey building, constructed from shipping containers withstand 9 degree earthquake. Modul Metal System Ltd. is here to offer you a project, that meets your requirements and to build it really fast, having in mind your individual needs and expectations.